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I get an error on Mac: "OpenGL Not Supported"

If you get the following error message on your Mac:

it means that your computer doesn't have the drivers it needs (Metal) to run the game. To solve this, go to the Mac App store and install a newer version of the Mac operating system (OSX). This operating system comes with the drivers you need to run the game.

If your computer doesn't let you upgrade to a newer version, it means your computer is too old to upgrade, and in that case, unfortunately, you can't run the game on that machine.

Most Mac computers that are purchased before 2012 will not have the correct drivers installed yet, if they haven't been updated.

Will other people have this problem too?
It is possible, yes. However, most families with gamers will have computers that run games more smoothly. So although we see the error from time to time, it doesn't happen very often. In fact, a lot of popular games out there (Batman, Fortnite, Paragon, Unreal, Ark:Survival, etc) have many millions of players and they use the exact same technology as we do (UnrealEngine4).

I cannot log in or make an account in the game

If the game does not let you log in, you'll likely get one of the following errors:

This means that the game is having trouble connecting to the server, because something is in the middle preventing it from happening. Most likely, it's a firewall. If you are running Windows, check if Windows Firewall is letting blocking the game. If you are on Mac, check if OSX is blocking the game (System Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Firewall).

Often, school or business networks can block programs from accessing the web. Try a computer at home (on a different network) instead.

If you are certain that your firewall is turned off and your network has no firewall on the routers, but the error still happens, please do the following:

Below are links to a different version of the game that help us analyze this problem. When the error happens in this version, it puts the server's response on the screen for 40 seconds. You have 40 seconds to take a screenshot (on Mac: COMMAND+SHIFT+3 will put a PNG file on the desktop. On PC you can use the SnippingTool). Please take that screenshot file and email it to info at family -dot- works, so we can see what's going on.

Here's are the version of the game you can download that tests this for you:

MAC Version, PC 64bit Version, PC 32bit Version.

It says: "Error: Server not found or responded incorrectly"

Please refer to the question above "I cannot log in or make an account in the game".

It says: "Error: root['status'] not found or not a string."

Please refer to the question above "I cannot log in or make an account in the game".

It says: "File missing or not found: XAPOFX1_5.dll"

Every game needs to access your computer's graphics card to run. To do this, it needs drivers, the software that interacts with the graphics card. Most of the time, the drivers come with Windows, but in your case it seems they need an update.

The drivers for PC are called "DirectX", and to install the latest version, please refer to this page on Microsoft's website.

It says the game is made by an "undefined developer"

Since we aren't publishing our game through the Mac App store or through Microsoft's store, the game is seens as made by an "unregistered developer". This is correct and absolutely no problem. Just run the game as normal.

It says "Couldn't start: createProcess() returned 2"

This problem can occur when files are missing.

Please use a different software to unzip your .zip file. Also, make sure you don't run the game in the zip file, but unzip it first.

If that doesn't solve it, please check if your PC has the correct minimum system requirements to run this game (on the bottom of this page) - or try the 32bit version instead.

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